Tips on the use and care of your non-invasive ventilation interface


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Clinician-Fitting-Respironics-Full-Face-Mask-TWTo avoid complications and ensure that your non-invasive ventilation is working efficiently, be sure to take the following steps.

• Clean the interface (mask, nasal pillows or mouthpiece/straw) daily with dish soap and warm water, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your interface is not cleaned regularly, you may be exposed to bacteria or viruses and potential infection, and you will shorten the life of the mask.

• Only tighten headgear enough to create a seal. This requires instruction and practice, but it is an important step in preventing pressure sores from forming on the bridge of your nose or other areas of your face and head (such as above your ears). If you do develop redness and pain around the bridge of your nose, consult your health-care team. Don’t put this off—such a wound can be difficult to heal and may limit the use of certain interfaces.

• Replace your interface when required. Typically, masks and headgear used 24 hours a day will last six to twelve months, but be sure to replace them whenever they begin to fail to create a seal.

• If you begin to notice symptoms of respiratory complications while using non-invasive ventilation, consult your health-care team immediately. You may need to adjust the settings on your ventilator, or you may be experiencing other complications

These tips were extracted from our Respiratory Care Guide

VitalAire and Muscular Dystrophy Canada

VitalAire Canada, who provide CPAP products and treatment through their Canada-wide network of clinics and health-care professionals, are partnering with Muscular Dystrophy Canada in May and June of 2016 to donate $25 from each mask sold in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (in May) and B.C. and Alberta (in June). To learn more about the VitalAire–Muscular Dystrophy Partnerships and how to see other resources related to respiratory care for people with neuromuscular disorders, please visit

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