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ScarfFundraising can mean doing something that you really enjoy – Ontario volunteer Lucy DaSilva proves that every year!

Lucy has been an active volunteer for Muscular Dystrophy Canada for many years. As a member of the Peel Region Walk for Muscular Dystrophy volunteer planning committee, an active fundraiser and participant, Lucy works hard to support a cause that is important to her.

Lucy DaSilva has come up with a way to combine her passion for raising funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Canada with one of her hobbies. During the holiday season, Lucy puts her needle and thread to work and sells handmade accessories, and donates the profits to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

This year, Lucy is selling scarves. They are available in two lengths and any colour you can imagine! “I got the idea of making and selling Sashay scarves while shopping in Europe on vacation. These scarves were a big hit there – so why not make and sell them here for Muscular Dystrophy Canada as my fundraiser?”

“With Muscular Dystrophy a part of my life, I feel that giving back is rewarding.  I have met a lot of friends along the way and maybe one day my work will help others to beat muscular dystrophy and find a cure,” said Lucy.

This idea is a winning combination. Lucy gets to do something that she enjoys, while making a contribution to an organization that she supports!

Thank you Lucy for all of your effort to help make muscles move!  For more information on fundraising ideas, contact

Stephanie Fenyes is a Revenue Development Coordinator for Ontario & Nunavut.

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