Pilot Program for Assistive Technology: Atlantic Canada

How to Apply to the Pilot Program for Assistive Technology

In recognition of the invaluable facets of these technologies, the TELUS Atlantic Canada Community Board and Scotiabank have stepped forward as sponsors for a pilot program for children and youth in Atlantic Canada.

To be considered for participation, the applicant must:

  • Be 21 years of age or younger;
  • Live in New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland; and
  • Be willing to participate in an occupational therapy assessment.

The program will be delivered using a similar framework as the MDC equipment program. To access funding, an occupational therapy assessment is required along with a completed Assistive Technology Assessment Form and an Equipment Program Application Form.

If the prescribing Occupational Therapist does not have a specialty in Assistive Technology, he or she will be required to consult with assistive technology specialist from a list provided. This is a necessary step due to the rapid advancements in assistive technology and the home automation industry and will assist in determining which technology would best serve the client’s needs based on his or her capacity and home environment. Muscular Dystrophy Canada has created partnerships with assistive technology experts at Neuromuscular Clinics in Atlantic Canada.

Financial aid must be approved prior to the purchase of any and all equipment. Muscular Dystrophy Canada, in partnership with the prescribing Occupational Therapists, will order all equipment and vendors/suppliers will be paid directly. There will be no exceptions.

The initial set-up and ongoing support will be a combination of the local prescribing Occupational Therapist and the local vendor.

To apply, please print the Assistive Technology Assessment form and Atlantic Equipment Program Application form to bring to your Occupational Therapist for completion.

For any questions or assistance with the form, please call the Atlantic Services office at 1-888-647-6322.


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