Bridges to the Future

Youth Transition & Support Program

Empowering youth with physical disabilities during their transition into adulthood

Mission: Inspire and facilitate youth of BC and the Yukon, who are living with physical disabilities, to increase confidence and independence in spirit, by:

  • Initiating, building and maintaining positive relationships and a social network
  • Obtaining realistic education, employment and developing life skills resulting in community integration and participation

Bridges to the Future is a community based resource program that was created in 2002 to support youth between the ages of 15-24 with physical disabilities. Muscular Dystrophy Canada is proud to present this program to youth with a variety of physical disabilities.

Everyone faces challenges when moving from adolescence to adulthood. Bridges to the Future addresses the barriers faced during the transition by assisting and empowering youth with the necessary skills to move forward into adulthood as with confidence and independence.

The program is based on a variety of social events, educational events, online resources, and one-to-one guidance. The success of Bridges to the Future is largely due to the variety of interactive workshops, availability of resources, and a space where a supportive network can be made as youth work towards their goals.

In addition to trying new activities in the community and meeting new peers, support and opportunities are available to youth in five identified areas of:

  1. Education and Vocational training
  2. Employment Connections/Counselling and Volunteering
  3. Life Skills Development
  4. Support Services and Relationship building
  5. Community Participation and Involvement

Feedback from the youth is very important and participants help choose the topics and events through discussion with the Bridges to the Future coordinators.

Bridges to the Future youth should be open to: meeting new peers, trying new activities, making independent decisions, developing goals, gaining self-advocacy skills, becoming active in the community, exploring education and employment options, discovering personal talents, and much more!

For more information, registration, or current Bridges to the Future events, please visit, or contact your local Bridges Coordinator.

Navi Dasanjh
Bridges to the Future Coordinator, BC/Yukon
(604) 742-2155 ext. 107

Nate Schwartz
Bridges to the Future Coordinator, Vancouver Island
(250) 595-0044 ext. 112

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