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We help educate and raise awareness about neuromuscular disorders.

MuscleFacts is a program designed to promote inclusivity and disability awareness in schools. Our trained staff and volunteers are available to provide an array of options – including professional development for school administrators/educator, in-class workshops with students and teachers, and small group presentations. We will customize the style, length and content of the presentation based on your needs and environment.

Our team can also provide workplace training or give a presentation to your group. We can customize the presentation and/or training to meet your desired goals.

Contact us to learn more.

Contact Person Karen Dunbar
Services Specialist
Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Toll free 1-866-687-2538 ext 1121


MuscleFacts: School Resource Guide

The school resource guide provides educators with information to help them increase awareness about neuromuscular disorders. The publication focuses on understanding and integration of students with a physical disability into the classroom and school.

Chapters provide helpful information on:

  • Introduction to neuromuscular disorders
  • Working together
  • Emotional, psychological and physical health issues
  • Environmental consideration
  • Education and school policies
  • Planning future transitions
  • Facilitating disability discussions
  • On-line resources
MuscleFacts: Parent Guide

This guide provides parents and families who are affected by a neuromuscular disorder with information and guidance.

Chapters provide helpful information on:

  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Coping with a neuromuscular disorder
  • School issues
  • Health and activity
  • Future planning

The School Resource Guide and the Parent Guide are available for free download. For a hard copy or for more information, please contact:
Karen Dunbar, Service Specialist 1-866-687-2538 ext 160

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