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Peer Networking

MuscleChat – A Peer Networking and Support Program

Making Connections

Isolation is one of the most difficult consequences of living with a neuromuscular disorder. A significant number of people experience feelings of isolation, often lack necessary support networks, and struggle to find someone who can truly understand the challenges they face. A simple but effective way to address this isolation is peer support; a relationship between two or more people with a specific, common interest in some aspect of living with a neuromuscular disorder.

How does Peer Support work?

The Peer Networking program, MuscleChat, is comprised of a large network of voluntary participants who help each other navigate and conquer various challenges that arise while living with a neuromuscular disorder. This voluntary group consists of individuals directly affected by a neuromuscular disorder, their loved ones, caregivers, and other important relationships.

How do MuscleChat members interact?

The interaction is typically done by e-mail. However, telephone, and letter correspondence are also potential ways of communication. If both members live in a close proximity and are comfortable with the idea of meeting, they may want to meet informally, in a public place, for coffee or lunch.

Who can participate?

Any individual, who is 18 years of age or older, who has been affected by a neuromuscular disorder may participate. This primarily includes spouses, children, siblings, close friends, caregivers, or parents of a person directly affected by a neuromuscular disorder.

What is the time commitment?

As this is a volunteer program, you decide the amount of time you would like to devote to this program. The goal of the program is to find the level of support that you need. This may be accomplished in the time it takes to send and receive a few emails, or this may include several lunch meetings. The time commitment is up to you!

How do I become a member of MuscleChat?

Please click the link below to download and print the MuscleChat membership form. Once the form is completed, please mail, fax or e-mail the completed form to the Western Canada Regional office:

Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Attn: MuscleChat
7th Floor – 1401 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V6H 1H6
Fax: 604.731.6127

MuscleChat Registration Form


Once your application has been received, a member of the services staff will add your information to the database. Databases are typically distributed quarterly, but distribution may vary due to death or cancellation of participation. Muscular Dystrophy Canada Services Staff respects the sensitive nature of the program and will work diligently to accommodate members’ requests.

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