Genetic Fairness

Last chance to end genetic discrimination in Canada


Today is your last chance to insist the federal government pass Bill S-201 to end genetic discrimination in Canada – the last G7 country not to have these protections.

Genetic discrimination is when people are treated differently by their employer or insurance company because they have a gene mutation that causes or increases the risk of an inherited disorder.

MPs will have their final debate on the bill, before they vote on Wednesday. MPs are divided on the issue and it’s too close to call which way the vote could go.

You can make the difference.

Regardless of political party or region, call your MP right now and say you want them to vote YES for Bill S-201 without amendments, and that genetic discrimination in Canada must end.

Here’s how to contact your MP:

  1. Look up your MP’s contact information by typing your postal code into the Member of Parliament directory.
  2. Call their constituency office and their parliamentary office right now and urge them to vote YES on Bill S-201 to end genetic discrimination. (It’s okay to leave your message with their staff)
UPDATE: October 26, 2016

Bill S201 passed 2nd reading in the House of Commons on October 26. The vote was passed without a dissenting vote. Bill S201 was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Please continue with your letters, emails and phone calls to ensure that Bill S201 comes back to the House without amendments to the key strengths of the Bill.

Please visit the Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness (CCGF) for ongoing updates.

Genetic discrimination – it’s time for a change

Did you know Canada is currently the only G7 country that does not protect its citizens against genetic discrimination? We are hoping this will soon change.

Bill S-201, which is now before the House of Commons, would enact a new Canadian Genetic Non-Discrimination Act that would:

  • protect individuals from being required to undergo a genetic test, or disclose the results of a test, as a condition of acquiring a good or service, entering into a contractual agreement, or at a place of work
  • amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of genetic characteristics.

The second reading of Bill S-201 will take place on September 20, 2016, so there is no time to lose in showing your support.

Fear of genetic discrimination is a barrier to science, medicine and health. We are all affected. It is time that Canadian legislation on this matter stopped lagging behind science and other countries. We need to legislate to protect genetic test information.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada is committed to advocating for Bill S-201. We are preparing letters and sending them to MPs via email, and also contacting them by telephone.

What you can do – spread the word

You can help by talking to your friends and family about genetic discrimination, and by calling or writing your local MP with your concerns. The Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness (CCGF) has prepared pre-written letters you can download, sign and send to your local Member of Parliament to show your support for legislation to end genetic discrimination in Canada.

Make your voice heard. Download letters and learn more




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