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photo1e On Fathers Day weekend in June, members of eight fire departments and their families gathered together for another memorable weekend of golf, softball, and fundraising.

2014 marked the 35th anniversary of a historical event in the small town of Mesachie Lake on the West Coast of British Columbia.  Mesachie quickly became host to hundreds of fire fighters and their families who join together to support those living with neuromuscular disorders.

This year, the live auction alone at Mesachie raised over $35,000! Now, this is no ordinary auction; a t-shirt goes for $100, and a BBQ can go for over $7000. These fire department members come to spend money and spend they do!

The ball tournament started when the small Mesachie Lake Fire Department needed to raised a few hundred dollars to buy a piece of equipment for their hall. Once they accomplished their goal, they wanted to continue to host the fun weekend, but wanted a charity to support.  With photoetwo local families who had children diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and knowing that Muscular Dystrophy Canada is the charity of choice for Fire Fighters, the decision was a no-brainer.  All of this started the 35 years of support.

The Mesachie Lake Ball Tournament has raised $750,000 for people with neuromuscular disorders, and the fundraising doesn’t stop at the Fighter Fighters.  Even some of the Fire Fighter’s children put up lemonade and water stands this year! Ty and Danica Ferguson, along with their cousin Draysen King donated $40.75 from their own fundraising efforts at Mesachie.

photo2eThe weekend is about tradition, family, and fun!  It’s rather remarkable to watch grandparents selling 50/50 tickets and see their own children working in the kitchen, and then their grandchildren selling water at the event.  Many generations taking part for a cause, our cause.  The mantra for this event is loud and clear “Until There is a Cure-There is Us!”. We thank the Mesachie Group and department members, friends, family, and children for helping “Make Muscles Move!”

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