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tumblr_nhtunqK0Ow1u60tx6o1_1280When you or a loved one is first faced with a diagnosis of a neuromuscular disorder explanation of the disorder and what it all means is of extreme importance.  Understanding all the terms can be daunting and confusing.  So we’ve gone on the hunt for some words that you may hear and have translated them into simpler, more understandable terms.

Know of any others?  Comment below!

Dysphagia = trouble swallowing

Polysomnography = sleep studies

Video fluoroscopy = swallow test

Pulmonary hygiene therapy = keeps airways clear and lungs stretchy

Ventilation therapy = helps to get oxygen in (and carbon dioxide out) of your body

Manual abdominal thrust = type of caregiver-assisted cough

Costal lateral compression = type of caregiver-assisted cough

Glossopharyngeal breather (GPB) = frog breathing

Atelectasis = a condition where alveoli in the lung have collapsed or do not open for air.

Mid-face hypoplasis = abnormal growth of the cheek bones resulting in cosmetic abnormalities and orthodontic problems

Tidal volume = the amount of air we inhale with each breath

Autosomal dominant inheritance = only one parent needs to transmit the mutated gene for the disorder to be inherited. Even though the matching gene from the other parent is unaffected, the faulty gene dominates.

Autosomal recessive inheritance = both parents must be carriers of the faulty gene for the child to inherit the condition.


Learn more about these terms and more by exploring the Living With Muscular Dystrophy and About Muscular Dystrophy sections of our website.

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