Winnipeg Beach Fundraiser “wheelie” good at raising the money!


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Staff and students at Winnipeg Beach Elementary School recently spent a day focused on the favoured mode of transport of one of their students.  Brandon Schellenberg uses a wheelchair to get around from class to class.  So on a sunny day in May, his classmates raised enough money to “dare” their teachers to spend the day in their own wheelchairs.

Seventeen teachers and administrators took to their padded seats and rubber tires for a day of fun, fundraising, and new perspectives.  Learning how to manoeuvre between desks, get into washrooms, and keep up with their students was challenging and eye-opening, but seeing the children’s enthusiasm for the project was even more surprising.

For over an hour, students cheered on the school’s staff in the gymnasium as they were challenged to games of soccer, volleyball, and a relay.  They handed over their hard-earned funds to Muscular Dystrophy Canada, but the biggest smile in the room was on Brandon’s face.

“This is a day for Brandon,” relates his teacher “He doesn’t even want to sit in class, I found him racing wheelchairs with the principal in the hallway.”

Kristen Pachet is a Revenue Development Manager in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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